Teaching Assistants (Full-Time)


The university is recruiting Full-time Teaching Assistants (TA) for two modules coordinated by Office of the Provost:

Asking Questions. This is an interdisciplinary module that will explore the role of “questioning” and asking the right questions. The module will be taught in relation to the following disciplines in Philosophy, Design, Economics, Engineering, Computational Thinking and Physics.

Computational Thinking. Computational thinking which is commonly known as CT in short, is an important 21st century skill, and a fundamental method for solving complex problems. CT involves problem formulation, solution development, and solution execution and evaluation. This module emphasises the thought process, and the communication and substantiation of the process, rather than focusing on coding and programming methodology (i.e. the implementation of the solution on a computer). Students will learn to apply CT to solve complex problems, and discover new questions that can be explored within, and across, disciplines.

Job Requirements

The candidate should have strong interest and passion for learning and teaching computational thinking. The candidate should be interested in academic interactions with first year undergraduates. The candidate should be self-reflective and proactive about his/her teaching activities, be competent in communicating and engaging students.


Graduates without working experience with Bachelor's/Master's degrees are welcome to apply.

For the module Computational thinking, graduates with B. Comp (CS) or equivalent are preferred.


All applications and informal enquiries should be sent latest by 13 September 2017 (Wednesday), to Ms Tham Chuey Peng via email address at chueypeng@nus.edu.sg

We regret that only successful candidates will be notified.