Previous Management Trainees from L-R: Kristabelle Tan, Hor Chor Kiat, He Tingfeng, Elliot Sim, Fu Bo, Ng Su Fen

Designed for outstanding graduates, the NUS Management Trainee Programme (MTP) nurtures talented young people for professional growth in Asia’s leading global University. It provides a meaningful career opportunity in higher education management for bright, talented fresh graduates.

What does MTP offer you?

You will go through a 2-year programme with job rotations to experience the diversity of NUS 

You will work alongside experienced professors and administrators and be exposed to different facets of university management 

You will receive management development and leadership training, mentorship and coaching 

What are we looking for in you?

Excellent academic qualifications, CCA records and leadership qualities with less than two years of working experience 

Outstanding interpersonal skills, results-driven, agile and "can-do attitude" 

Keen interest in higher education management and the meaningful work we do at NUS 

Be inspired to make a difference, with everyday opportunities to influence the future!

Application closes 15 July 2018

Hear from Our Management Trainees

“The programme has been a tremendously rewarding one thus far. I have been assigned challenging projects/assignments that have brought me new insights and perspectives. The support and feedback that came from the mentorship are exceptionally valuable in one’s early career. Great learning opportunities are plentiful. I strongly recommend young graduates who are genuinely interested in the education sector to embark on this programme.”

- Elliot Sim, International Relations Office (Year 1) 
  “Under the MTP, I was given many opportunities to take on challenging projects and assignments in different areas. These not only helped me to familiarise myself with how NUS works, but also exposed me to the many organisations and industries that NUS partners with. I was privileged to work alongside talented and helpful colleagues who provided timely assistance and feedback. My supervisors were also very willing to share their work and life experiences, which have inspired and motivated me. Lastly, there were many opportunities to attend courses and workshops to continually improve ourselves. In all, the programme has helped me to discover more about myself, develop new skillsets, and become ‘future-ready’!”

- Kristabelle Tan, Centre for Future-ready Graduates (Year 1) 
“The NUS MTP provides an excellent opportunity for me to understand the role of university operations in the broader context of NUS’ business strategy and Singapore’s educational needs. This accords greater meaning to the work I do, and helps to cultivate my passion for the education industry. The NUS MTP also provides fantastic opportunities for personal development. In addition to the dedicated suite of developmental courses, I am given challenging responsibilities and mentorship that stretch my analytical capabilities and inter-personal skills.”

- He Tingfeng, Office of Admissions (Year 1) 
  “The MTP provides an invaluable avenue to experience various roles in multiple departments. I am now more aware of where I can best lend my capabilities to contribute to the functioning of the University. Moreover, having to deal with different stakeholders and changing environments has definitely honed my adaptability and communication skills. With so many exciting developments taking place in NUS, the MTP is a great opportunity for me to play a role in bringing the University to greater heights.”

- Ng Su Fen, NUS Enterprise (Year 2) / NUS Centre for the Arts (Year 1) 
“The different rotations within the MTP allow you to work across various functions in the University and understand how they synergise together. More importantly, the MTP goes beyond to maximise your potential. It challenges you to be innovative, yet assimilate quickly with multi-disciplinary projects designed to develop your professional career.

I am thankful to NUS’ MTP for allowing me to contribute back to my alma mater, and the opportunity to be groomed through the guidance from mentors in the field of higher education.”

- Hor Chor Kiat, Office of Vice President (Campus Infrastructure) (Year 2) / International Relations Office (Year 1) 
  “Working in NUS as a MT has brought about a change of perspectives in me, once being service receiver as a student, now being the service provider to the University community. The MTP provides a great platform for exposure to various aspects of the University's administrative functions, and to explore and plan for one's personal and professional growth.”

- Fu Bo, Organisational Excellence Office (Year 2) / Office of Vice President (Campus Infrastructure) (Year 1)