Keeping the Music Alive

05 February

On February 5, the NUS Alumni Sing-Along (ASA) kick-started 2020 with a Lunar New Year Celebration.

As with the previous two years, members brought generous amounts of food for party’s menu. The dishes included local delights such as Yusheng, Chicken Rendang, Chicken Lemper, Hokkien Mee, and a wide range of desserts like jellies, fruits, kueh-kueh & cakes. Members sang along to old favourites while Office of Alumni Relations (OAR) guests Mr. Bernard Toh (Architecture '84) and Mr. Roystonn Loh (Arts and Social Sciences '13) performed with ASA guitarists. The party rounded off with a boisterous karaoke session.

Two days later, on the evening of February 7, Singapore raised its Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON) level from Yellow to Orange. All ASA activities – sing-along & ukulele sessions - grounded to a halt. While patiently waiting for the time to come when they could gather again, some members started becoming restless while at home.

On Monday, March 30, some members of the ASA ukulele group came together to keep the music alive via weekly sessions on Zoom. Led by Dr. Lim Thou Tin (Business '81), members learned fingerstyle picking on their ukuleles. Over the weekly sessions, the fingerstyle melodies were combined with strumming and singing. Thanks to technology, members of the ASA are still able to connect, learn and have fun!

Submitted by Ms Joanna Loo (Science '91)

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