NUS Alumni SF Chapter Reboot Event
The NUS Alumni San Francisco Chapter hosted a Meet-and-Greet event at the facilities of BLOCK71 in San Francisco on 29 August, 2019.

At the event, the Committee, headed by newly-appointed Chairperson, Mr Anuj Jagannathan (Business '16) was glad to have brought together and connected with 33 NUS alumni and students from different facilities and schools, representing diverse organizations in the Bay Area. It was also a pleasure to host Ms Soh Siew Choo (Computing '93), Managing Director of DBS Customer Banking and Big Data/AI, who was in the Bay Area on a business trip. To add a South-East Asian touch to the event, the food served included delicacies from a Singaporean-owned catering company.

Since the appointment of the new Chapter Committee in July 2019, this was the first event in the efforts to revive the Chapter.  The Committee is planning to host speaker sessions, informational sessions, social and other networking events in the coming months.

NUS flag is flying high in SF!
5th Milestone Year cum National Day Party
2019 is indeed a very eventful year for NUS Alumni Sing-Along. A key highlight was their 5th Milestone Year cum National Day Party held at the Chill-Lab, NUS Society (NUSS) on 17 August. It was a time of merry-making with members performing and entertaining, backed by the music of Silver Jam and our very own keyboardist, Ms Elaine Sim (Arts and Social Sciences '66). Everyone had a wonderful time enjoying great music and scrumptious food with good friends!

Submitted by Chairperson of NUS Alumni Sing-Along Ms Joanna Loo (Science '81)
The "Last Lecture" series - The Gift of Pain and The Goodness of Laughter
The Pharmacy Alumni Group held the 2nd “Last Lecture” on 17 August in conjunction with Kent Ridge Alumni Family Day. Dr Tan Lai Yong (Medicine '85) shared heartily with alumni and friends about his experiences in Yunnan, China where his family was based in for 15 years. He shared insights as to why pain is not always bad, and how laughter is indeed the best medicine. After the lecture, participants were also treated to music, carnival and movie organised by the NUS Office of Alumni Relations.
USP Homecoming 2019
The University Scholars Programme (USP) held its annual Homecoming in conjunction with Kent Ridge Alumni Family Day on 17 August. The event welcomed home over 70 USP alumni, students, faculty members and staff.

This year, the Class of 2004, 2009 and 2014 celebrated their 15th, 10th and 5th anniversary respectively. They gathered at USP's newly renovated Dining Hall for a lunch reception. USP Director Associate Professor Kang Hway Chuan welcomed the alumni and encouraged them to share their ideas on USP’s 20th anniversary celebrations happening in 2020. Director of the NUS Alumni Relations Mr Bernard Toh (Architecture '84), also attended the event. He spoke about the importance of alumni contributions to the University, and shared NUS Alumni Relations' efforts to ensure that alumni living overseas are strongly connected to their alma mater through the establishment of Overseas Chapters.

A tradition of the Homecoming is the USP classes for alumni – where they can relive their good old days as USP students. USP Deputy Director (Academic Matters) Associate Professor Low Boon Chuan conducted a discussion on Life and Love. Dr Li Jingmei (Science + USP '05) shared that, “Attending USP classes again was an experience in a league of its own. As usual, every USP class is cross-disciplinary. I particularly liked how love and life can be discussed biologically, emotionally, and mathematically across time and space”.

Associate Professor's Lo Mun Hou’s class on Early-Onset Nostalgia for Millenials was also interesting and filled with engaging discussions. There was also a class on Synthetic Biology – Engineering Life conducted by Associate Professor Mahesh Uttamchandani (Science + USP '04), which was attended by some of his former classmates.

The joys of attending USP Homecoming and reliving one’s days as an undergraduate is summed up perfectly by a heartfelt quote from Mr Lan Yingjie (Science + USP '16): "USP Homecoming continues to remain a wonderful opportunity to meet old friends across the batches within the nostalgic and familiar setting, reigniting and rekindling old friendships over conversations, both intellectual and personal! It is really wonderful to be able to connect beyond your own batch, or even the seniors and juniors, to get to know other alumni who might have graduated by the time you matriculated, and swap notes!".
MSE Class of 2019 Graduation Party
Shortly after the Commencement Ceremony of the graduating class of 2019, the newly-minted alumni from Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) gathered to celebrate this milestone together.

The atmosphere was boisterous as they relieved their memories from the past four years over dinner at a chalet, looking at old pictures and recounting recent incidences. Many were excited to share their transition into the working world, as well as to learn about others' next phase in life.

Following the dinner, they broke up into smaller groups to engage in various activities to get to know everybody more personally, reminiscent of the times when they all first met each other. Laughter and chatter quickly filled the chalet as the night unfolded.

Submitted by Mr Chen Ziyan (Engineering '19)
BEMA Raised $633,500 for SDE Development Fund
The NUS School of Design and Environment (SDE) celebrates their 50th anniversary this year. In this milestone year, Building and Estate Management Alumni (BEMA) is privileged to jointly organise the SDE50 Fundraising Golf with the School.

President of BEMA, Dr Teo Ho Pin (Building '85) hosted the Fundraising Golf and Appreciation Dinner for alumni to network and connect with friends and business associates. Held at the Orchid Country Club on 25 July, 128 golfers in 32 flights teed off for a good cause.

This year, BEMA raised a record $633,500 for the SDE Development Fund, more than seven-fold increase from fundraising efforts the year before and the largest amount of funds raised by BEMA for SDE so far.

The SDE Development Fund will go towards establishing a Well & Green SDE precinct- a prototype for urban resilience and a living lab to nurture future-ready individuals through research and education. "I am heartened by the faithful giving of our donors year-on-year. This is commendable despite the economic headwinds and other global uncertainties in recent months. I thank our donors for their contribution as we shaped the next lap together, for both our current and future generations", said Dr Teo.

Submitted by Ms Ong Yen Peng (Design and Environment '02)
Once a part of CFA, Always a part of CFA
A lunch to congratulate the 2019 NUS Centre For the Arts (CFA) graduates was held on 20 July.

Mr Tan Kuan Ting (Science '19), who was also a member of the NUS Dance Synergy (one of the
21 CFA student groups under the guidance of CFA) had this to share at the lunch, “the opportunities given to me by the NUS Dance Synergy has made me ponder about my place in the group and in society at large. I was not the best dancer at the beginning, and yet I was given the chance to perform and grow. Translating this to my career as an educator, my personal experience in NUS Dance Synergy affirms my belief that opportunities should also be given to every student, regardless of their abilities. Education is a tool to help reduce inequality and empower the less fortunate, and this will be a distant dream if there is not enough opportunities for every student.”

This group of graduates from various faculties and departments (Science, Engineering, Computer Science, Biochemistry, Business and Arts and Social Sciences) have each found their passion in dance, orchestra, wind symphony, drama and back-stage work during their time at NUS CFA. This stands as testimony to Mr Tan’s sharing that education and platforms like NUS CFA provide the opportunities for all to pursue regardless of ability.

NUS CFA provides many other opportunities for alumni to continue their involvement with their groups:
Many alumni have also involved themselves in one of the three semi-professional groups under the CFA Alumni Chapter: NUS Piano Ensemble Alumni, NUS Alumni Orchestra and NUS Alumni Movement. These groups serve as platforms for CFA alumni to continue their support to CFA in realising its vision to be a vibrant arts space for the appreciation of the arts in the community. To find out more, please click here.

Beyond the education at NUS, CFA is an advocate of inculcating a culture of lifelong learning and passion for the arts. As NUS Alumni, we welcome each and every one to be part of this exciting journey with us. Please visit the NUS CFA website to keep updated on all the activities and happenings.
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