How to Make Data Speak?
On November 13, the NUS Alumni San Francisco Chapter organised an interesting alumni event with Sachin Tonk (Business '16) on data analytics moderated by Chapter Chairperson, Anuj Jagannathan (Business '16). The session highlighted topics such as structured versus unstructured data, data scientists versus data artists, and how to tell a story with data.

This webinar was one of its kind; it was open to multiple NUS Alumni Chapters and had attendees from around the world. This opens a new trend on shared events by NUS Alumni Chapters that are open to alumni in multiple locations.

Submitted by Mr Anuj Jagannathan.
Au Revoir, Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library!
The NUS Business School community bid L2 & L3 a tearful goodbye as the library prepares to undergo a major facelift to make space for new seminar rooms for future generations of BIZADers.

The Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library was decorated with balloons and Latin music gave the party its relaxed atmosphere. All who attended were delighted to have the opportunity to network with NUS BIZ alumni and to meet with the Dean and other professors, especially in this age of AI and innovation.

The Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library Renovation Party included ‘Back to School’ learning about AI, where Prof David De Cremer gave a talk on “Leadership by Algorithm: Who leads and Who Follows in the AI era?". Prof Duan Jin-Chuan also delivered a talk titled “Am I Digitally Literate?”.

There was also lots of fun leaving handprints on the wall, with many enthusiastically leaving their mark with spray paints (a first time for many!), and enjoyable conversations over coffee, curry puffs, and kit-kats.

To support the refurbishment of the Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library, the NUS Business School has also launched a fundraising campaign. For more details, please send an email to

Submitted by Ms Linda Gouw, NUS BizAlum.
NUS Alumni Xiamen Chapter’s Mid-autumn Day Trip to Dehua in 2020
Between 17 October and 18 October 2020, the NUS Alumni Xiamen Chapter, the Xiamen Overseas Singaporean Returning to Fujian Association, and Mr Nelson Ng Chiun Ming, the Consul-General of Singapore Consulate in Xiamen, jointly visited Dehua, a county located in Quanzhou, Fujian Province and celebrated Mid-autumn Day together. Dehua is the world’s first “Ceramics Capital” where the Chinese ceramic culture originated.

On 17 October, upon arriving at the Luzerne Ceramic Hotel, a delegation of NUS alumni and their family members had a guided tour of the modern, automated, large-scale ceramics factory, the porcelain exhibition hall, and the Lu Cheng Museum, where the condensed history of the company’s development is displayed. Impressed by the fine porcelain and the exquisite skills, the visitors admired the potters’ entrepreneurial wisdom, focusing on the porcelain industry, and their craftsmanship in striving for excellence and perfection. The tour revealed the persistent efforts in the arduous journey taken by this branded company. At the conclusion of the tour, the alumni had the opportunity to experience the joy and passion of designing their own ceramic mugs.

On 18 October, as the alumni visited the Dehua Museum of Ceramics and a traditional brick kiln, they appreciated the finest ceramics, which were made at different times in history. The most treasured feature of Dehua porcelain is “China White”, which fascinates its viewers for being “white as snow, smooth as jade, fine as silk”.

This historical and cultural trip to Dehua lasted merely two days. Although short, it was full of genuine and generous sharing of thoughts among the alumni, who wished for a prosperous future.

Written by Dr Cai Shumei (Arts (PhD) '12) and Mr Huang Yulong (Design and Environment '15).
NUS Class Champions Investiture 2020 - NUS BIZ School
13 NUS Business School alumni from all over the world attended the NUS Class Ambassadors Investiture 2020, organised by NUS BIZAlum. The event was organised online, in line with current safe distancing measures due to COVID-19.

Class Ambassadors are formally appointed by the University and are key connectors to ensure the continual engagement of the class with the Faculty, School, Hall or Residential College, and alma mater after graduation. Class Ambassadors receive exclusive invitations to attend signature NUS alumni events and enjoy a rewarding network of friends. It was a good opportunity for the Class Ambassadors to be introduced to one another and to hear how everyone is doing after graduation.

Submitted by Ms Linda Gouw, NUS BizAlum.
NUS Department of Pharmacy's 3rd #PassionPridePurpose Contest
The NUS Department of Pharmacy wrapped up their 115th anniversary #PassionPridePurpose contest with the 3rd installment on 15 October.

This time, the theme was on transformation, and alumni had the opportunity to showcase photos from before and after graduation. Many things may have changed, but the one thing that was consistent throughout the submissions was the friendships that remained even after graduation. The lucky winner was Mr Chong Jin Jian (’18), while Mr Jonathan Francis Koh (’13), Ms Hilda Tay (’17) and Ms Say Mey Ling (’08) walked away with consolation prizes.

Submitted by Ms Ng Shi Ying.
Kent Ridge Hall Alumni Mentorship Programme
Kent Ridge Hall’s Alumni Relations Unit (ARU) recently held an Alumni Mentorship Programme where 6 former Kent Ridgeans were invited to conduct sharing sessions for the current hall residents. These sessions were conducted over the course of 2.5 weeks from 10 to 28 October 2020, and took place online, in line with current safe distancing measures due to COVID-19.

The purpose of the mentorship programme was to provide residents with invaluable insights into various industries such as law, business, technology and start-ups, and the public sector. Through several meetings over Zoom, the alumni mentors shared their relevant experiences, ranging from practical skills on topics such as “Excelling in Your Interviews” to providing guidance on what students can expect within each industry.

ARU Chairperson, Reynard Lee (Year 2, School of Design and Environment), hopes that these initiatives can aid the growth of fellow Kent Ridgeans. The insightful sharing sessions definitely brought greater clarity to graduating Kent Ridgeans who are planning their next phase of life amidst the uncertainty brought due to the current pandemic. Kent Ridge Hall’s ARU would also like to express their heartfelt thanks to the alumni mentors who volunteered their time and effort to making the programme a success.

Submitted by Ms Crystal Tan.
Zoom with Confidence workshop (for Senior Alumni)
On 10 October, a Zoom with Confidence workshop was held to equip NUS Senior Alumni with the necessary skills to navigate the world of digitalisation: to set up and use the video conferencing platform, Zoom, on laptop PCs and mobile IT devices.

The physical workshop was conducted in a small group with safe management measures in place, with no intermingling of the participants. The workshop was facilitated by members of the NUS Computing Alumni Association, led by Chairperson Ms Jeannel Mah (Computing '14).

Submitted by Mr Kevin Ee (Engineering '84), Chairperson, NUS Senior Alumni.
The Inaugural General Membership Meeting of the NUS Alumni Manila Chapter
Around 40 alumni and representatives from the NUS Office of Alumni Relations connected online for the inaugural General Membership Meeting (GMM) of the NUS Alumni Manila Chapter, which was held on 26 September 2020. Organised by the NUS Alumni Manila Chapter Committee, the bi-annual meeting serves as a platform for the increasing number of NUS alumni in Manila and the Philippines to be updated on the activities of the chapter, be informed of various initiatives and news from NUS, and to foster a sense of community and connection.

Bernard Toh (Architecture ’84), Director of the NUS Office of Alumni Relations, welcomed everyone to the GMM and gave an overview of the initiatives that NUS has rolled out in order to be continuously responsive to the needs of alumni despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Richard Tan (Public Policy ’13), President of the NUS Alumni Manila Chapter, gave a report on the activities and accomplishments of the chapter from its inception in July 2019 to date. Strengthening friendship and camaraderie within the alumni community and giving back to society were the focus of many of the chapter’s activities.

Gratitude and appreciation were also expressed by the NUS Alumni Manila Chapter Committee to the project chairpersons who spearheaded various initiatives, namely Laurence Tibon (Public Policy ’18) for the 2019 NUS Day of Service, Karla Hotchkiss-Rufino (Business ’10) for the 2020 Taal Initiative, and Venus Oliva Cloma-Rosales (Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health ’13) for the 2020 Frontline Health Workers Initiative.

After the GMM was a talk on “What’s the Real Score? Charting the COVID-19 Curve and Managing Expectations for a Vaccine” from two guest speakers, followed by a Q&A session moderated by Dr Chen San Pascual (Arts and Social Sciences ’12). Dr Butch Ong, medical expert from the University of the Philippines OCTA research team, spoke about the science behind COVID-19, and discussed the tracking and analysis of COVID-19’s impact on public health. He also provided assessments and forecasts about the pandemic, such as on the lockdowns implemented in the National Capital Region and other COVID-19 hotspots in the country. Dr Kirsten Lopez (Science ’09), Research Scientist at the University of Oxford, spoke about COVID-19 vaccine development and her experience as a participant in the Oxford vaccine trial. She also provided an overview of the Oxford trial results and other vaccines in development around the world.

After an engaging Q&A session with the guest speakers, the GMM ended with a call for Manila alumni to continue supporting the chapter’s activities, connect with one another, and maintain their connections with NUS.

Submitted by Mr Nestor Precioso (Science ’06).
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