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[CANCELLED] Future-ready Workshops: Building a Network that Works for You

NUS Alumni Relations, in partnership with Centre for Future-ready Graduates, presents Future-ready Workshops - a series of workshops that aims to support alumni in their career development amidst a rapidly changing world.

In line with the tighter safe distancing measures announced by the Multi-Ministry Taskforce on 24 March, this event is cancelled.

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    Coriander, Shaw Foundation Alumni House
    22 Apr 2020
    7.30pm - 9.00pm
    NUS Alumni Relations
    Mr Kenneth Phang
    6516 5005

    Event Details

    These days, to get ahead in our career, we need to connect with others, be vocal about our career interests and consciously build relationships to achieve our career goals. All of us have a network, but we may not recognise that we do, nor make the most of our network to empower our career success. Networking is not about meeting people and having the most number of connections on LinkedIn. Effective networking is developing relationships with people that matter, through small, purposeful actions. This workshop will introduce strategies to create meaningful relationships that can create career opportunities for yourself and others.

    By attending this workshop, you will:

    1. Understand the drawbacks of sticky rice networks and the benefits of boundary-spanning networks;
    2. Learn how to identify who is in your network and who should be in your network;
    3. Discover strategies to build relationships with people who can add value to your career; and
    4. Practice the three A’s of engaging in meaningful interactions.

    Speaker: Ms Camilla Tessa Tam, Career Advisor and Learning & Development Manager at the NUS Centre for Future-ready Graduates

    Camilla Tam was previously Strategy & Insights Manager at Coca-Cola (South-East Asia region). Camilla joined the The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) in 2010 and during her six years at the company she was instrumental in determining the strategic plans of the business including guiding the business through several transformations and launching several successful brands in the region; including Fanta and Glaceau Vitamin Water.

    Terms & Conditions

    • This workshop is open only to NUS alumni.
    • All mobile devices are to be turned to silent mode during the event.
    • Photography and videography by NUS may be carried out throughout the event. NUS may use some or all of these images in its print publications, digital platforms and marketing channels.
    • By registering for this event, you hereby consent to NUS collecting, using and/or disclosing your personal data to third parties (including any third party located outside of Singapore) for the purpose of processing, handling and managing your participation in the event stated herein.

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