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China Film Festival 2019

Jointly organised by the Embassy of the People's Republic of China, Singapore China Friendship Association and NUS Alumni Relations, the China Film Festival returns for the 8th consecutive year, bringing you the best of Chinese films.
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    Auditorium, Shaw Foundation Alumni House
    23 Oct 2019 - 25 Oct 2019
    7.30pm - 9.50pm
    NUS Alumni Relations
    Mr Edmond Kwek
    6516 5769

    Event Details

    23 October (Wed) Shadow 影 116mins | NC16

    Shadows have existed since ancient times. In times of danger, a shadow must step forward to serve his master. A shadow and his master are one, indistinguishable from each other. Not much is known about shadows, as it is a taboo subject for the master. Ziyu, the commander-in-chief of the Kingdom of Pei, is defeated by Yang Cang, a general of the Kingdom of Yan, Pei’s enemy. After he is injured, Ziyu uses Jingzhou (his shadow whom he has trained since childhood) to substitute him in the courts and battlefield. Pei Liang (the king of Pei) and Ziyu continue to scheme against each other, while Jingzhou the shadow struggles to survive in the power game of the nobles.


    24 October (Thu) The Wandering Earth 流浪地球 125mins | PG13

    In the near future, scientists discover that the sun is rapidly ageing and expanding at a rate that will consume the entire solar system in a short period of time time. In order to preserve mankind, “The Wandering Earth” project is conceived. It involves building tens of thousands of thrusters to propel Earth out of the solar system, into another habitat in 2,500 years’ time. Chinese astronaut Liu Peiqiang (played by Wu Jing) goes to work at the International Space Station when his son Liu Qi is four years old. When Liu Qi (played by Qu Chuxiao) grows up, he and his younger sister Duoduo (played by Zhao Jinmai) are arrested for stealing their grandfather’s (Han Zi’ang, played by Wu Mengda) truck. At this time, the thrusters on Earth stop working and cause Earth to head towards Jupiter. People all over the world, including Liu Qi, take part in a major rescue operation to fix the thrusters and prevent Earth from colliding with Jupiter. Racing against time, countless people risk their lives to save Earth for the future generations.

    近未来,科学家们发现太阳急速衰老膨胀,短时间内包括地球在内的整个太阳系都将被太阳所吞没。为了自救,人类提出一个名为“流浪地球”的大胆计划,即倾全球之力在地球表面建造上万座发动机和转向发动机,推动地球离开太阳系,用2500年的时间奔往另外一个栖息之地。中国航天员刘培强(吴京 饰)在儿子刘启四岁那年前往国际空间站,和国际同侪肩负起领航者的重任。转眼刘启(屈楚萧 饰)长大,他带着妹妹朵朵(赵今麦 饰)偷偷跑到地表,偷开外公韩子昂(吴孟达 饰)的运输车,结果不仅遭到逮捕,还遭遇了全球发动机停摆的事件。为了修好发动机,阻止地球坠入木星,全球开始展开饱和式营救,连刘启他们的车也被强征加入。在与时间赛跑的过程中,无数的人前仆后继,奋不顾身,只为延续百代子孙生存的希望……

    25 October (Fri) How Long Will I Love U 超时空同居 103mins | PG

    Gu Xiaojiao, a single middle-aged girl living in 2018, dreams of marrying a rich man that can afford the villa where she lived in her childhood, but she doesn’t make it, and now lives in an old residential building. Lu Ming, who lives in 1999, designs a grand blueprint but can’t find an investor, and faces a big crisis in his career. A strange thing occurs after the two people, who feel depressed, come back home. After they close their door, the apartment becomes the site where the two spaces meet, and the two people meet each other. In order to realize their dreams, they discuss and start taking a series of measures to become rich, which leads to laughable chain reactions. But it’s unknown to them that the two spaces are overlapped under someone’s control. Every step they make may cause unpredictable results. More interestingly, the two people, who originally consider each other as a partner to become rich, falls in love with each other.

    <p生活在2018年的大龄女青年谷小焦,梦想能够嫁一个能买得起她幼时豪宅的有钱人,却屡屡受挫,只能蜗居在一栋老居民楼里。生活在1999年的陆鸣手握着自己设计的宏伟蓝图,却始终找不到投资人,同时也面临重大的事业危机。奇怪的时刻来临了,失意的两个人回到家中居然发生了惊人的一幕,同一扇门关上后居然是两个时空的交汇点,两个不同时空的人相遇了,为了拯救自己的未来,两人共商大计,开启了幻想一夜暴富的一系列措施,引发了啼笑皆非的连锁反应。而他们不知道的是,两个时空的重叠是人为的操控,他们每走一步都会引发不可预知的结果,更要命的事,本来只是视对方为赚钱拍档的两人引发了爱的火花> </p生活在2018年的大龄女青年谷小焦,梦想能够嫁一个能买得起她幼时豪宅的有钱人,却屡屡受挫,只能蜗居在一栋老居民楼里。生活在1999年的陆鸣手握着自己设计的宏伟蓝图,却始终找不到投资人,同时也面临重大的事业危机。奇怪的时刻来临了,失意的两个人回到家中居然发生了惊人的一幕,同一扇门关上后居然是两个时空的交汇点,两个不同时空的人相遇了,为了拯救自己的未来,两人共商大计,开启了幻想一夜暴富的一系列措施,引发了啼笑皆非的连锁反应。而他们不知道的是,两个时空的重叠是人为的操控,他们每走一步都会引发不可预知的结果,更要命的事,本来只是视对方为赚钱拍档的两人引发了爱的火花>

    Screenings start at 7.30pm daily.
    All films in Mandarin with English subtitles.

    Terms & Conditions

    • Food, drinks and flowers are not allowed inside the Auditorium.
    • Flash photography and videography are not allowed.
    • All mobile devices must be on silent mode or switched off.
    • This is a free-seating event. Tickets will be issued at the door on a first come, first served basis.
    • Once the Auditorium is filled, you will be given tickets to the alternative screening rooms.
    • Once the movie starts, admission into the Auditorium will be at the Level 3 entrance.
    • A valid photo ID (student/staff pass not accepted) must be presented to gain entrance into all our non-G/PG rated films.
    • Photography and videography by the NUS Office of Alumni Relations (OAR) may be carried out throughout the event. OAR and its event partners (Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Singapore and Singapore China Friendship Association) may use some or all of these images in its print publications, digital platforms and marketing channels.

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