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ALSET promotes the assessment and implementation of evidence-based methods that help students learn crucial skill sets ...
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As interest in learning cuts across the sciences, social sciences, and humanities, ALSET attracts researchers ...
Find out more about how ALSET supports research and evaluation.

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ALSET serves as a conduit for collaboration both within and beyond the university. Capitalizing on synergy ...
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Application of Learning Science and Education Technology (ALSET)

What is ALSET?

The Institute for Application of Learning Sciences and Educational Technology (ALSET) is a new initiative by the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a special focus on advancing teaching and learning practice, especially for tertiary and adult students in Asia. ALSET is uniquely positioned to serve as a platform to bring together interested partners in and outside of NUS to design, develop, deploy, and evaluate learning processes, systems, and applications.

ALSET aims to enhance the educational experience through rigorous research and its practical application. Based on the scholarship of teaching and learning (SOTL), we will offer resources and strategies for promoting and assessing student academic success.

Dynamic collaborations with other groups at NUS and beyond will foster an innovative and entrepreneurial environment. ALSET will be a multidisciplinary community where faculty and students can work together with university partners and industry players to realize our vision.

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As a bridge between learning science and its practical application, ALSET takes a unique position among NUS institutions and the broader educational landscape. We are concerned with research as well as practice and evaluation as well as implementation. Combining a commitment to academic rigor with a spirit of innovation, we discover and develop new and effective ways to learn. Our cross-disciplinary and collaborative approach forges dynamic partnerships that tap on a wide range of expertise to meet challenges for today’s learners.

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