Provisions and Rules of the NUS Graduate Scholarship for ASEAN Nationals

Provisions and Rules of the Scholarship

The provisions of the NUS GSA will take effect from the date of the award. Each Scholarship will provide for the following:

  1. A monthly stipend of S$1,350;
  2. A one-time book allowance of S$500;
  3. Student's Pass Fees imposed by Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA);
  4. Medical examination fees for Student's Pass application (capped at S$60);
  5. Tuition and Miscellaneous Student Fees at NUS, throughout the period of the award;
  6. Cost of air travel for one-way ticket of up to S$500 on economy class and up to 20kg baggage per trip from home country to Singapore on award of the Scholarship; and
  7. Cost of air travel for one-way ticket of up to S$500 on economy class and up to 20kg baggage per trip from Singapore back to the home country upon successful completion of the course of study leading to the award of the degree.

With effect from AY2013/2014, the Scholarship will be awarded for the normal duration (based on a full-time workload of 20 MCs per semester) of the particular degree programme. The Scholar must consult the Administrator at the Faculty/School to determine the degree requirements, study plan and enrol for the sufficient number of modules (generally 20 MCs per semester) in order to complete the degree within the normal duration of the programme.

A review of the Scholar’s performance will be done at the end of each semester. The Scholar is expected to maintain a minimum CAP of 3.50 and a minimum grade of "C" for all modules read for the continuation of the Scholarship. The Board of Graduate Studies may terminate the Scholarship if the progress or conduct of the Scholar has not been satisfactory.

The Scholarship may not, without the prior approval of the Senate, be held concurrently with any other Awards.

There is no bond or obligation for the Scholar to be employed by NUS or in Singapore. The Scholar is, therefore, expected to complete the designated graduate degree and return to his/her home country.

No award will be made unless there is a candidate of sufficient merit.

The provisions do not cover any fees, expenses or costs borne by the candidate prior to the award of the NUS GSA (e.g. application fee, fares or expenses incurred to attend any interview for the designated graduate degree).