Frequently Asked Questions on the NUS Graduate Scholarship for ASEAN Nationals

What is the National University of Singapore Graduate Scholarship for ASEAN Nationals [NUS GSA]?

The NUS GSA is a scholarship which is offered to nationals of ASEAN member countries who read full-time coursework graduate degrees at NUS. The Scholarship is awarded on a very competitive basis and only exceptional candidates will be considered.

The NUS GSA Scholar:

  1. is subject to the Rules of the NUS GSA and any other terms and conditions decided by the NUS GSA Selection Committee;
  2. must fulfill the degree requirements of the designated graduate degree at the NUS Faculty/School; and
  3. is not allowed to participate in any overseas programme that is not a component of the designated graduate degree, such as the University's student exchange programme (SEP).

Is there an application form for the NUS GSA?

There is no separate application form for the NUS GSA. Application is decentralised to each NUS Faculty/School and integrated into the application for each designated graduate degree.

If I am considered for the NUS GSA will I have to attend an interview?

Candidates for the NUS GSA will not be interviewed by the NUS GSA Selection Committee. However, candidates may be interviewed for the designated graduate degree they are applying for. This may be conducted at the candidate’s home country or in Singapore. The candidate will be informed by the respective NUS Faculty/School, if an interview is necessary.

When will I know whether I am successful in my NUS GSA application?

The results for the award of the NUS GSA will be concurrent with that of the respective designated graduate degree programme.

Can I claim for reimbursement for expenses incurred while on a field trip overseas?

The NUS GSA does not cover such expenses.

What performance-level must a NUS GSA Scholar maintain?

A NUS GSA Scholar has to complete the degree programme within the normal duration of the programme. The Scholar must also maintain a minimum CAP of 3.50, with no grade below "C" for any module for the continuation of the Scholarship. At the end of each semester, the Scholar must submit the notification of examination results to the Administrator of the NUS GSA.

The Board of Graduate Studies may terminate the Scholarship if the progress or conduct of the Scholar has not been satisfactory.

Is there a bond that I have to serve if I am awarded the NUS GSA?

There is no bond or obligation for the Scholar to be employed by NUS or in Singapore. The Scholar is expected to complete the designated graduate degree and return to his/her home country.

Can I participate in the Student Exchange Programme?

NUS GSA Scholars are disqualified from participating in the Student Exchange Programme.

Is the NUS GSA sufficient for living expenses?

The NUS GSA does not provide any additional assistance towards travel or living costs but it provides a monthly stipend which, however, may not be sufficient to support a spouse or any dependents.

Can a NUS GSA scholar take up employment?

A NUS GSA Scholar cannot take up employment (full-time or part-time), whether or not he/she is remunerated, or participate in any internships during term time. However, a NUS GSA Scholar may be appointed as Student Researcher or a Student Tutor under the NUS Student Work Scheme during term time by the Faculty/School. Such appointment should:

  1. not have a negative impact on the Scholar’s full-time coursework studies;
  2. not be a valid ground for a Scholar’s poor performance (i.e. CAP falling below the minimum requirement for the NUS GSA); and
  3. not exceed a maximum of 16 hours per week for teaching and all other related work.

A letter of consent is not required from the University or from the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA). Please refer to the OSA's website for more information.

A NUS GSA Scholar may only obtain full-time employment or participate in internships during the University's vacation period and Special Term.

Where can I get more information about NUS and living in Singapore?

You can get more information about University at the NUS Home page.

The NUS Office of Student Affairs [OSA] also has a web page that covers areas of interest and concern to candidates admitted to NUS e.g. accommodation, immigration matters, students services, etc.