Scholarships, Financial Aid and Fees

Financial assistance for graduate students is available in the form of scholarships and various financial aid schemes.

There are many different types of graduate scholarships available in the university for graduate students. These awards are highly competitive and are given based on a track record of academic excellence. Most scholarships can be renewed annually subject to satisfactory academic progress. Applications for such scholarships are generally made concurrently with the application for admission to a graduate programme. The list of scholarships available for graduate students can be found here.

Other forms of financial aid which are available include study loans and part-time job opportunities as Student Tutor or Student Researcher under the NUS Student Work Scheme. The NUS Student Work Scheme is for selected students who wish to gain research and teaching experience.

The full details of the financial aid schemes and NUS Student Work Scheme are set out here. In considering part-time work arrangements, it should be noted that a high level of commitment is expected of all graduate students enrolled in full-time programmes, and the taking on of external part-time work to supplement personal income is not generally encouraged.

Fees which are due to the University will be deducted prior to crediting any financial aid (e.g. scholarship stipend/loan/remuneration) to the students' account.

The order of priority of payment by the various financial aid schemes for the payment of tuition fee and miscellaneous fees is shown below.

  1. Scholarship that covers 100% of tuition fee
  2. SkillsFuture Credit (SFC)
  3. Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA) Scheme
  4. Tuition Fee Loan (TFL)
  5. GIRO deductions/NETS/others

The full schedule of tuition and other fees can be found here.