NUS Service Commitment

In ensuring that our students receive a high quality educational experience that enables them to reach their full potential, NUS recognises that an efficient and effective administrative service is needed. We are thus committed to delivering our core services at our main service points at the following service levels:

Service Standards
Phone calls to NUS
(Public Hotlines only)
Answer 80% of calls within 30 seconds
Emails to NUS
(Generic email accounts for
public enquiries and feedback only)
Respond to 90% of emails within 3 working days
Feedback to NUS
Resolve simple, clear-cut feedback within 3 to 5 working days;

For complex feedback, an interim reply or update will be provided within 3 weeks
Attend to 90% of walk-in customers within 10 minutes of arrival during peak period from January to July

Billing of Course Fee
Send Notice of Payment email at least 2 weeks before scheduled deadline for fee payment
Academic Administration

  • General Enquiry

Reply to email within 3 working days. An additional 1 working day is required for the following busy periods:
  • 2 weeks before the start of, and during each registration exercise
  • 2 weeks before the start of, and during Commencement

  • Processing of Online Transcript Requests
Within 4 working days for non-graduating programmes;
Within 5 working days for graduate degrees and
Within 7 working days for undergraduate degrees

An additional 2 working days is required for the following busy periods:
  • 2 weeks before start of each examination and during examinations
  • 2 weeks before start of Commencement and during Commencement

Processing time excludes delivery time by post.

  • Collection of Degree Scroll
Degree scrolls not collected during the commencement ceremonies are available for collection at Registrar’s Office from 2pm on the working day immediately after the last day of the ceremonies
Study and Learning Support

  • Library
Keep to the library opening hours published on the portal

Provide access to the library portal and Library Integrated Catalogue (LINC) 99% of the time

Provide access to subscribed e-resources 99% of the time

Answer service telephone lines within 30 seconds 95% of the time

Attend to in-person queries within 3 minutes 95% of the time

Resolve simple and clear-cut queries and feedback within 1 to 3 days ; reply and close complex queries and feedback within 5 to 7 days

Make available all books returned at the Loans Desk within 30 minutes 95% of the time

  • IT Support
IT Care Service Desk
Answer 90% of calls within 25 seconds

Respond to 90% of emails within 8 business hours

Integrated Virtual Learning Environment (IVLE)
Ensure 24/7 availability with an uptime of 99.9%

Webcast Services and eLearning
Maintain an uptime of 99.9% for systems providing Webcast Services and for eLearning Week
Student Development

  • Student Services
Student Service Centre
Respond to 94% of emails within 3 working days

Attend to 93% of walk-in customers within 8 minutes of waiting time
Non-Academic Services

  • Health Services
Process Medical Report within 7 working days subject to completion of medical tests and satisfactory tests results

Process students insurance claim within 5 working days, with reimbursement within 6 weeks upon receipt of all required documents and information

  • Internal Shuttle Bus Services
At least 95% of bus trips are on schedule

80% of buses will arrive in 10-minute frequency during peak period;
85% of buses will arrive in 20-minute frequency during non-peak period

  • Dining Services
All stall operators and helpers are to attend WDA Food Hygiene Course

  • Security Services
Security resources will arrive at the scene within 12 minutes of activation at least 90% of the time