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ModReg Schedule

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For students in the Part-time Bachelor of Technology (BTech) Programme, please visit the BTech Programme website for the BTech Academic Calendar.


Special Round for Special Term (Part 1) of AY2019/2020

This special round is for students who were unable to fulfil their planned academic requirements/credits from their SEP/internship placements due to the current COVID19 situation. Do note that not all Faculties/Schools are participating in this special round. Your Faculty/School will send you more details on the modules that are available for selection, if applicable.

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Module Information

Click on the links below for the list of modules available in each Special Term.

Students can now search and view the module and timetable information from NUSMods. Besides providing information on pre-requisites and preclusions of a module, modules now contain more details such as whether they have S/U option, lab-based, independent-study modules or SkillsFuture funded.

In general, students take no more than two modules per part of the Special Term.


Dropping of Module(s)

AY2019/20, Special Term (Part 1)

  • 'W' grade takes effect from 18 May 2020, 00:00hrs onwards.
  • 'F' grade takes effect from 25 May 2020, 00:00hrs onwards. 

AY2019/20, Special Term (Part 2)

  • 'W' grade takes effect from 29 June 2020, 00:00hrs onwards.
  • 'F' grade takes effect from 6 July 2020, 00:00hrs onwards.

Note: The function to drop modules is disabled during the 'F' grade effective period, please contact your home faculty for assistance.

Click here for the details in the Academic Calendar.

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