Outgoing Exchange Students

Well done on being selected by your faculty for the Student Exchange Programme (SEP)!

We encourage you to attend the SEP Ambassador Training conducted by the Global Relations Office (GRO) before you depart for your SEP.

Why become an SEP Ambassador for NUS?

The SEP works on the concept of reciprocity, i.e. NUS hosts a number of students similar to the number we send out every year. NUS students selected for SEP are expected to represent and uphold the reputation of NUS and Singapore. In addition, you will be required to promote NUS as a preferred exchange destination to students at Study Abroad Fairs and Information Sessions held at your host university.

During the SEP Ambassador training, you will receive the latest and most accurate information about NUS and Singapore so that you can represent NUS and Singapore well. You will also learn more about the Outstanding NUS Exchanger Award, which recognises and rewards your contributions to the exchange community. Finally, the SEP Ambassador Training is also a great place to meet like-minded NUS students who are going out on exchange in the same semester.

When does the training take place?

The training sessions will be held in May and July for outgoing students in semester 1 and in December for outgoing students in semester 2. You will be invited to join the training sessions via email. Registration is needed and can be done through NUS Calendar of Events.

You are strongly encouraged to attend the training. For students who are not able to attend the training programme but wish to contribute as an SEP Ambassador for NUS, please contact us via askGRO.

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