Outgoing Exchange Students

Ready, get set, go!

Mary Ann Peters from FASS on SEP to Sciences Po Bordeaux, France. Enjoying life simple pleasures with a new found friend while on exchange.

Preparing For Exchange

Preparing for a semester or year abroad on exchange can be extremely exciting but also overwhelming, as for many students it will be their first time away from home. This experience should be treated like an adventure where anything can happen, but with plenty of preparation and patience, everything should turn out well.

Going on exchange gives students the ability to become independent and the first step is for students to do their own research on their destination. The potential of an experience overseas will be maximised when students’ expectations are well managed through research. To allow for the best SEP experience possible, NUS students going out on exchange should read all of the pages in this section for Outgoing Exchange Students and should research their partner university and host country’s websites for instructions, as well as review their faculty’s SEP website and attend all briefings offered by their department, faculty or by the GRO.

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