Peer Advising Programme

Returning Exchange Students

Welcome Home!

We understand that being away for so long and getting back to your old life presents a unique set of challenges.

You need not forget your exchange experience just because it is over. The Peer Advising Programme is just as much for returning exchange students as it is for the incoming and outgoing exchange students. We can help you by:

  • connecting you with other returning exchange students who are facing the same re-integration challenges
  • organising re-entry briefings for returning exchange students
  • providing you with opportunities to help outgoing exchange students prepare for their Student Exchange Programme (SEP)
  • putting you in touch with incoming exchange students who are eager to make friends from National University of Singapore

Be a Peer Advisor and meet fellow returning exchange students! Besides being a part of the re-integration support group, you will also get to participate in our SEP activities.

Sign Up As A Peer Advisor

Peer Advisors Get-Together

Get to know your fellow Peer Advisors in this gathering. You will be able to share your experiences with fellow returning exchange students and get to know each other better through games! We will send you information on Peer Advising opportunities or the Peer Advisor Get-Together event after you have signed up to be a Peer Advisor!

Photo Competitions, Surveys and Information Sessions

Keen to share stories and photographs of your exchange experience? We would love to hear from you! We run photo competitions, conduct SEP surveys as well as invite returning exchange students to share their stories at Information Sessions and Pre-Departure Briefings every semester. Take part in our photo competition and SEP survey and stand a chance to win attractive prizes! You will also receive a small token of appreciation when you share at our Pre-Departure Briefings and information sessions. Please look out for the emails from the SEP team at Global Relations Office and let’s stay in touch.

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