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Introducing our Peer Advising Leaders (PALs)! They are the hardworking team who organises events to keep our exchange community in touch.


Audrey is a fourth-year Global Studies student who did her semester-long exchange at Sciences Po in Paris. Being known for Political Science, she took advantage of the expertise that the professors had and learned to examine global political issues through new perspectives. She experienced, first-hand, the Parisian way of life where bread, wine and cheese were essentials, but also lived as a student, cooking pasta for most dinners. Paris grew on her as winter turned to spring; she could fully appreciate the cultural richness and liveliness in the spring warmth. She learned that Paris was a mix of romanticism, modernism and activism, where the people knew how to balance work and fun. Travelling around Europe and meeting various fellow youth travellers, she has been exposed to people of various cultural and social backgrounds. She hopes to use her experiences to help exchange students understand and experience what the Singaporean way of life is, so as to help expand their horizons, just as hers has been.


Chloe is a final-year English Literature major who spent her summer on i-SP in Prague! Not only did she thoroughly enjoy the modules there (it was a nerd-out fest with Czech literature modules!), she also fell completely in love with the Czech Republic. Exploring the outlying towns in Prague and making a short trip to Belgium, Chloe was consistently bowled over by the urban and rural beauty she encountered as well as taken by all the interesting delicacies she got to try. One of the highlights of her i-SP was the night at the opera where she got to experience the pride and joy of the Prague cultural scene first-hand! Opera (the western type, that is) being a rare art form in Singapore, was an aural and visual treat that opened her eyes to a brand new genre of music. Whether it was strangers in a cafe or fellow students in the programme, she was delighted to be met with warmth and the chance to make new friends. In the spirit of passing it on, she would like to extend the same friendly welcome to exchange students and hopes to provide them with a similarly fulfilling and enjoyable experience.


Dash is a fourth-year Applied Math and Computer Science student who went to University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in the US for SEP. At Michigan, she was part of the Global Scholars Program; through it, she met lots of new people from all over the world. Although nothing had prepared her for the cold up north, her friends from GSP definitely made the biting winds more bearable, and soon enough she was seen enjoying the gorgeous snow (like every other Wolverine). She managed to travel almost every other week and covered 12 major cities, including New York, Detroit, Chicago and Washington DC (She also went to Canada!). While not travelling, she was generally seen pigging out in the dining halls, feeding the squirrels around the quad, exploring hip bookstores and obsessing over soul music at the Motown Museum in Detroit! As a PAL, she wants to welcome incoming exchange students with the same friendliness and warmth that was shown to her in the States, and hopes to make their experience a memorable one (just as hers had been!).

Jie Ying

Jie Ying is a fourth-year Communications and New Media student who spent her fall semester at New York University in the United States. Being enrolled in Tisch School of The Arts, one of the top film schools in the U.S., she was able to pursue her dream in filmmaking, which is otherwise limited in Singapore. Through her endeavors in filmmaking, she made many international friends through film festivals and group projects; she also interacted with many like-minded locals and international students. In her duration of exchange, she even made a short film about her mum! Besides the enriching curriculum, Jie Ying took time to explore the Big Apple and truly enjoyed the “New Yorker” lifestyle. She is able to attest that contrary to popular beliefs, New Yorkers are actually a really friendly and expressive bunch of fun people. She hopes to extend the warmth and hospitality she received in a foreign land to incoming exchange students and be part of their enriching journey in our little red dot!

Ren Jie

Ren Jie is a fourth-year Industrial Design student who spent a semester at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (UIUC) in the United States for SEP. Ren Jie loved the cross-cultural exchange that UIUC provided as he was able to meet new friends from across the globe. Ren Jie loves the idea of being part of a college community, where collaborative learning takes place through an amalgamation of students from different disciplines and nationalities. The exchange programme to UIUC not only improved his social awareness, but also exposed him to different disciplines which greatly moulded him to be a well-rounded individual. As a trained paramedic in Singapore, Ren Jie spent his exchange semester interacting with the paramedics in Illinois and participated in numerous ambulance rides with them. The interaction with the Emergency Responders from across the globe was both a meaningful and treasured experience. As a Peer Advising Leader, Ren Jie hopes to contribute back to the diversified and vibrant culture of NUS. He wishes to welcome all exchange students with hospitality accompanied alongside a warm inviting smile.


As a young boy growing up in a family whose idea of ‘travel’ involves weekly half-hour drives from Jurong to his grandmother in Bedok, Shawn relied on Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm to whisk him away from the reality of living in a city too hot for snowflakes and too frosty for reverie. His big dreams eventually sent him on exchange to Lund, Sweden, where he ate meatballs and threw snowballs at people from all over the world. After having his world tour prematurely cut short by the practical necessity of having to complete his LL.B., he now moonlights as a Peer Advising Leader, dedicating himself to debunking the myths around the little red dot he calls home. Hobbies include creeping around IKEA with Sprinkles, his viking unicorn, and pretending he's in Sweden again.


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